Mission and Values

Quality Policy UDACEBA

Teaching Unit ACEBA (UDACEBA) is accredited by the Ministry of Health in 2005, to train residents of Family and Community Medicine Institution.


In 2013, it was credited as multiprofessional (UDM AFIC) by the Ministry to train resident doctors and nurses of family and community care.


As a teaching unit, training is the key point around which its activity deals with, creating an entire structure to allow the formation of the resident and the continuing education of the tutor.


  • The mission

UDACEBA's mission is to work forthe excellence of the training of doctors and nurses providing residents the best training that ensures a level of knowledge, skills and attitudes as the professional profile required of the specialist medical and nursing care of family and community, allowing specialty practice, in all its fields of action, with the required competence.


UDACEBA provides tutors with the necessary tools to ensure the teaching-learning process under the best possible conditions, looking for the best teaching methodology.


UDACEBA training is geared to excellence, with a clinical profile, research and self-management in primary care.


UDACEBA promotes research and innovation in teaching health centers, both in the clinical setting and in the management and teaching.


  • Vision of the future

UDACEBA wants to be a leader in the teaching of residents and attractive to graduates who wish to pursue their specialty, taking as a tool to make the continuous pursuit of excellence through a high level of commitment, involvement and motivation of doctors and nurses residents , tutors, teachers, staff and other professionals involved in the Teaching Unit, increasing the value of services offered to different groups, both internal and external to the institution where the TU is integrated.


Reinforces the vision of future the commitment to excellence in undergraduate and the importance of university education, which discloses in curricular internships of the students both the teaching unit and the specialties of medicine and nursing Family Care and Community.


UDACEBA wants to get more visibility among centers that promote research in primary care, promoting residents of both medicine and nursing all information at their disposalcon cerning teaching and research tools to enable them to carry out their research work.


  • Values

Given the vision of future and the mission of UDACEBA, the values ¿¿that should be prioritized among all professional groups involved are:

  1. Professionalism.
  2. The commitment to teaching.
  3. Learning ability.
  4. Innovation capacity. In order to generate knowledge and new ways of working.  
  5. Ethics in resource management.
  6. Commitment to the work that promotes employment and assumes the continuing education of the people as an indispensable process. 
  7. Self-criticism, which promotes the development, seeking satisfaction and encourages participation. 
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