Other specialties

UDACEBA collaborates with other Teaching Units to offer the residents new training services in other areas of health.  



Rotation for Primary Care Residents of Pharmacology

The Teaching Unit TUACEBA offers to Pharmacy students the opportunity to do pharmacy stages in one of its Primary Care Teams. 

Some centers host third - year residents of the Teaching Unit of Pharmacology at Vall d'Hebron Hospital to make a rotation of two months.  


Preventive medicine

Rotation for Primary Care Residents of Preventive Medicine and Public Health

The Teaching Unit of Preventive Medicine and Public Health of the Hospital Sant Pau collaborates with some TUACEBA centers for rotation of its residents in different services.It is a six - month rotation performed during the third year of residency.  



Rotation for Primary Care for Pediatrics Residents

Some UDACEBA centers collaborate with other Teaching Units for training in Primary Care of their Residents.

In 2006 Teaching Unit of Pediatrics Sant Pau and the EAP Sardenya signed a collaboration agreement for the rotation of its pediatric residents at the primary care services. The agreement provides for the rotation of three months for residents first or second year and one month during the third or fourth year of residency.  

In June 2012 this collaboration was renewed with formal accreditation from the Ministry of Health of EAP Sardenya as a teaching center belonging to the Faculty of Pediatrics Multiprofessional Sant Pau Unit for the teaching of pediatrics and pediatric nursing in primary care.

On May 2nd, 2013, TUACEBA signed a collaboration agreement with Capio-Hospital General de Catalunya for rotation in Primary Care Pediatrics residents of this hospital. Residents can make stays in any Teaching Center of UDACEBA.   


Pediatria EAP Sardenya


Internal Medicine
Rotation by Primary Care of Internal Medicine Residents
UDACEBA and Sagrat Cor Hospital, collaborate in the training and a rotation for primary care of residents of the 1st year of the specialty of Internal Medicine.

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