Specialty in Family and Community Medicine

Family and Community Medicine is a medical specialty recognized in Spain since 1978. Its scope is the Primary Health Care.

The profile of the family doctor is that of a professional for whom the person is a whole integrated by physical, psychological and social aspects connected to a particular family and social context. This lets them carry out continuous attention to collective groups of people in order to raise the level of health of the healthy people, healing the sick and caring, advising and mitigating the effects of the disease, when it is not possible to recover health.


These specific features of the professional profile GP defines a body of knowledge itself derived primarily from its specific scope: Primary Health Care, and a proper way to perform this care through a biopsychosocial approach, which takes real leadership to integrate the activities of curing the disease with advocacy and prevention, rehabilitation and palliative care.


The training program in the specialty of Family Medicine and Community   consists of four years. Approximately half of the period of training is done at the Primary Health Care and the other half in several hospital specialties. The link with the resident's primary care centers and tutors is regularly maintained throughout the four years of training to achieve a rating that allows modulation acquiring new skills and new knowledge.


The program develops five competence areas


  • The essential skills (communication, clinical reasoning, management of care and bioethics).
  • Competencies related to care for the individual.
  • The skills that are related to family care.
  • Competencies related to care in the community.
  • The skills that relate to the training and research.

The primary health care should be the basis for the healthcare system, which is why good preparation is essential to future GPs so that they are able to provide better customer support, which is more accessible, more human more comprehensive and more efficient.

Program specializing in Family Medicine

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