Hippokrates Program

Residents i Tutores



Hippokrates is an Exchange Program Resident, young doctors and tutors between the centers accredited by the WONCA (European Society of Family Medicine) from different European countries.

Some UDACEBA centers, such as EAP Sardenya and EAP Vic have been accredited to accept residents from other countries who are interested in learning about the Health System inour country.All residents are entitled to this Program, which lasts fifteen days.


It also offers a wide range of rural centers across Europe to make the stay.




For more information, registration and formalities, you can check the pages of the SemFYC and Vasco da Gama where you will also find information on the health system of each country that you are interested in and from the Health centers subscribed to the Program.

UNITAT DOCENT D'ACEBA / Sardenya, 466 - 08025 Barcelona / Tel. 93 567 43 80 / udaceba@udaceba.cat