Rural rotation

The rotation Rural is a mandatory part and essential in the practice of residents.

UDACEBA offers a wide range of equipment and primary care clinics located in rural environments. The high number of rural schools and their location attached throughout Catalonia, allows residents who wish can make its rotation in one of our rural schools.

The centers that we are rural centers for training medical and nursing countryside.

According to the Program for the Specialty of Family and Community Medicine provides a rural rotation period stands between one and three months to be highly variable depending on the Teaching Unit. A UDACEBA rotation is two months for any of the centers that compose it.

The Community Care Nursing Program provides one month rotating one of the rural schools that have the Teaching Unit.

We offer our rural schools available to students, and residents who wish Teaching Units. 


Jornada de Residents a Hostalets de Balenyà 2013

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